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Create an account with us. You can start by clicking the conveniently located "Create Account" button up at the top, there, in the middle of the menu.

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Register your domain. We offer easy and affordable service, including DNS hosting and free 30-day trial accounts, safely payable online by credit card. Purchase of a domain is not necessary - if you have one already, you can just point it at your new site with us. Or, you can forget about it entirely, if you want. Whatever works for you works for us.

Step 3

Start making that website. Once you're all signed up and ready to go, you can tailor your website to suit your needs. Choose a theme, type up a nice welcome page, change the colours all you want - your site is in your hands. now

Stock Images by The Management on 2009-06-23

Over the lifetime of Try2CMS, we have gathered up many images for use within our system. These images are now available through our online stock image gallery. These images will be available for use with your website, with no limit on the amount of images that you can use. With over 300 images in the gallery so far, and more being added all the time, we are certain you will find images to suit your needs as you develop your professional site with us.

Referrals by The Management on 2009-06-09

Try2CMS is proud to present a new promotion! Refer-A-Friend rewards you with free subscription time for inviting friends and family to make an account on You will recieve 2 months of free, unrestricted subscription time with Try2CMS, for every friend you invite that subscribes. There are no limits on the amount of friends you can invite - which means no limits on the amount of free time you can get! Invite your friends and family to make their own professional website with us today, and start earning free Try2CMS service!

CMS is GO! by The Management on 2008-12-05

The Ass-Kickin CMS is ready for launch! We brave Ass-Kickers are boldly going where no CMS has gone before; this marks the end of troublesome webhosting! It is the beginning of a new age; an age where making a professional website designed specifically for you is child's play; an age where editing your site is a matter of a few clicks and keystrokes! We worked long and hard, for hours, striving to implement the most intuitive and powerful tools for website design that could be created - and we did it all for you. Come reap the seeds we've sown, and make your own professional website with us!